Other Services

Other Services

In addition to copper alloys distribution Misr Company for Copper Products offers a variety of additional value added services. Production Sawing and machined blanks. Misr Company for Copper Products has multiple solutions to assist in making your business more efficient and streamlined.

1-production sawing

Let Misr Company fro Copper Products assist you in reducing your raw material inventory. We can analyze your high volume sawing requirements and suggest services to reduce material handling costs.

Benefits of production sawing include:

• Reduction of excess inventory
• Minimized paperwork & reduced transaction costs
• Tighter tolerances which can reduce or eliminate machine time

2-machined blanks

Eliminate machine time with pre machined blanks. Misr Company for Copper Products is a manufacturer of blanks including machine ready & pre-machined blanks. Machined blanks save companies valuable machine time and allows them to get more out of the door in the same amount of time.

Gear Blanks:
We can manufacture the bronze gear blanks you need in very low numbers up to quantities in the thousands. .