Quality policy is strategic for our company for client satisfaction . We have implemented a quality system capable of meeting the most demanding supply requirements. After receiving our customer’s requirements we advise the alloys and structure shapes which guarantees the optimum use of products. we will be pleased to help you where we can


Misr Copper Products


Integrated Management System Polices


The Integrated Management System Policies (IMS) for Misr Company for Copper Products, with its specialization in copper products casting and forming, aims at delivering services and products of high quality, thus satisfying our customers’ demands and expectations, such policy is derived from our commitment to the following standards:


  1. ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS). focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction
    You can view our certification in this file misr-for-copper-iso9001-cer
  2. ISO 14001 International Standard for Environmental Management System
  3. OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety assessment series for health and safety management system
  4. Adherence to the International and local standards specifications for services, compliance with the laws, legislations and other requirements associated with environmental management and occupational health and safety
  5. Commitment to perform regular revisions on the company’s policies and ensuring its full comprehension and implementation and to always be made available to the company’s employees, contractors, visitors and the public
  6. Commitment to setting quality goals and associated programs covering TQM, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and with ongoing revisions for its improvement and development
  7. Commitment to accident and injury prevention, and caring about our employees’ occupational health and safety, also committed to environmental protection and prevent its pollution
  8. We maintain high levels of confidentiality to our customers’ dealings with the company, also informing them of any radical changes affecting the operations or services or products of the company



Mohamed Lotfy Farid

Date 1/1/2016